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Life is truly magical. You are what you think about. Enjoy one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, and before you know it, you’ve had an incredible year. People don’t realize the power of their thoughts. Entertainment is interesting because there is no point of reference for success. You don’t get the guarantee of a career after 4 years of education, a certification, or an internship. Every morning you must be thankful for opportunities and seize them as they appear, with patience and a burning desire. You learn to face rejection, persist with faith, and determine your future. Success is a path, not a destination. I get to live my dream daily.

Drama Reel

Comedy Reel

I love my job. I get to play pretend, imagine, create, and dream. I don’t ever have to stop at “what if.” I get to create memories and experiences, without inhibition or limitation. I get the opportunity to explore different perspectives and accept circumstances as my own, expressing human stories which we can all relate to. My travels into human potential only deepens my appreciation for life.

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Donnabella Mortel - Netflix / Sony

Donnabella Heads Straight to Netflix in a New Sony Pilot

Donnabella keeps her creative momentum going booking a role on a pilot recently green light, and scheduled to head straight to Netflix’s distribution platform. Details cannot yet be disclosed, but her team is confident this will be another fun project to be a part of! For more information on Donnabella connect with her on Facebook…

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Let Me In - Donnabella Mortel

Donnabella Mortel, Kevin L. Walker, Angie Teodora Dick, & Maynard Okereke Give Viewers A Scary Treat on Halloween with “Let Me In”

Click Here to WATCH “Let Me In” NOW “Let Me In” on IMDB  Over the years various performers have gained millions of fans on Internet platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram by making skits highlighting “moments” and “blips” of life, and the term “social media influencer” was born. Creative Geniuses aims to raise the…

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